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Nightfall Comics is a comic book company founded by Shane Almond and owned by Griffin Wagenknecht. Nightfall Comics has writers and artists from all over the world with hopes to grow in this ever expanding industry. We have a large variety of characters so that no matter who you are, there is someone for you. Nightfall Comics also aspires to be the platform to help aspiring writers and give them the chance to publish their own work for themselves. 

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Founder, Editor


Chief Creative Officer, Editor In Chief

Matt Kline


Matthew E Kline is a writer and game designer. He’s written and designed over 100 titles for tabletop RPGs, ranging from fantasy (Sorrowblight Fields) to modern (Artifacts from the Edge) to sci-fi (Peril at the Pod Auction). Recently he was referred to by one reviewer as being a “prolific writer”. He considers this to be one of the greatest compliments he’s ever received. In addition to his work for Nightfall, he’s currently working on adapting a film script to comic form for Schlock & Awe Films as well as putting the final touches on his first prose novel The Strange Account of Charlie Wendigo. Matthew currently lives in eastern Pennsylvania with his girlfriend, her three kids, her three grandkids, and a rabbit. He wishes his house was bigger.

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