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When Night Falls

The Nightfall – the culmination of cosmic power and supernatural chaos, given form and taken shape, the night when the stars disappeared from their eternal place in the sky. As anarchy sweeps the Earth, follow the adventures of 10 different characters, each with a unique perspective on both the world that has ended and the one that took its place overnight.

Alliances will form, rivalries will ignite but the questions will remain: what caused the Nightfall? How was it achieved and to what end? Out there, somewhere, darkness begins to stir…

When Night Falls is a 92-page anthology graphic novel; the long-awaited achievement for the minds that created it and helped it flourish, and the first step into our world, the Nocturnalverse. 

It is the beginning of a journey that will be shared across the globe and the proof that When Night Falls, Heroes will Rise!

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