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Full Name: Amortulus

Species: Alien, Trinitite from the Electricity Region of Aargaht

Age: 250

Hair Color: Hairless

Eye Color: Red (Three eyes)

Height: 6ft 2

Weight: 300 pounds

Education: None

Occupation: Spiritual leader on his home world


  • Telepathy

  • Electrokinesis 

  • Mind Control

  • Empath 



Descended from the peace-loving alien race, the Trinitites, Amortulus was once a spiritual leader on the Planet Aarghat and, specifically, within the Electricity region, one of the five regions of Aarghat. However, after years of civil unrest between the Electricity region and the other regions of Aarghat, a faction of leaders within the Electricity region slowly usurped majority control of the planet and attempted to convert the other regions to a more extremist view.

When Amortulus attempted to speak up, he was targeted, watching his family taken from him, before he was able to commandeer a ship and escape Aarghat. Unfortunately, his hyperdrive damaged during the escape, he was forced to crash-land on the human planet of Mortia.

Unable to return to his planet and family, Amortulus begins to unravel the truths of humankind, with the ultimate realization that he is truly a stranger in a strange land…

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