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Full Name: Astra Cosmos

Nationality: Italian

Age: 17

Hair Color: Black with purple ends

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5ft 6

Weight: 136 pounds

Education: Liceo Stellare High School for Girls

Occupation: Student


  • Can talk to the dead

  • Can summon the dead

  • Can fire projectile blasts from her heart and hands

  • Can understand and speak the language of the dead


Ever since childhood Astra Cosmos has been considered “different”. She has always been able to sense and converse with the dead, but on her 16th birthday Astra’s heart activated and this triggered a new ability… Astra could now summon the dead.

Ever since that day, Astra has been on the run from her past, but her past threatens to catch up with her, and when it does the universe will never be the same again! 

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