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Full Name: Jake McGonigle

Species: Half Mortal/Half Sidhe

Nationality: Irish

Age: 27

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Green

Height: 6ft

Weight: 213 pounds

Education: Cygnet City Tech

Occupation: Former metal punch operator. Now a ‘fetch and carry’ for the wee folk.


  • ​ He has a single gold coin and can tell where this coin is and can call it back to him if it ever leaves his person.

  • He can tell lies that people believe while the coin is in his possession, even the most outlandish ones you could think of.

  • He can see the wee folk who have slipped over into this world, gain information from the polite ones and exorcize the nasty ones. 


Jake McGonigle spent his days working metal at Hob Manufacturing and his evenings drinking at whatever local bar had yet to give him the toss. That all changed the night a bird made up of shadowstuff appeared to him and told him he was part leprechaun. The shadow-bird also informed him that the barrier between the World and the Vale had weakened allowing things to pass over at points. One of those things being magic. This revelation would have thrown a lesser man, but Jake took it all in stride. 

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