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Interview with Tom Niec

Q: Tell me a little about yourself. Now based on that accent I'd say you're from Poland am I right? Describe your original family hometown in Poland.

A: There's not actually much to tell. I'm from Gorzow Wielkopolski, I don't remember a lot and I never really travelled anywhere within my country. This is basically due to family issues. That's a short answer for you. There's nothing much to describe. It's just your ordinary modern town.


Q: Now you are a creator at Moonfall Publishing. What would say your biggest influences are and why?

A: I don't really have any influences. I know that many of the people working here at Moonfall had grown up on comic books and films inspired by comics, but I never read a single one. Hell, up until a few years ago I didn't know what the difference between DC and Marvel was and how you could tell each of their characters apart. So, no conventional influences, if that's what you mean. What I do have is a vivid imagination and a knack for storytelling and character creation, above all.


Q: Continuing on with the creator questions, you have created over half the characters at Moonfall, I'm going to put you on the spot here, what would be your favourite character that you've ever created and why?

A: I mean...which of your children do you love the most? That's basically the same thing... I don’t know. The first one that I created was Nightingale and he's an absolute powerhouse. Warzone is set in realism more than most. As in, he's a more realistic character. Blade Maiden is who I'd play as in a stealth game if Blade Maiden was a character in a stealth game. Meep is so much meme potential, it's unreal. Bourne is a gem. I love Drake for his character progression, but I think the one that has the most connections to me personally would be Mech, and I think I'll go with her because Mech is one of those characters who has a layer on top of a layer, like an onion and this goes for her behaviour as well as her powers. And I just love her powers so much. They're not overpowered but given time, they will shine like nothing else. Like, I want to tell everyone what she can do so bad but I've already said so much. Did I say too much? I'm not, like, getting fired for this, am I?


Q: I have to ask this one, I hear that you are referred to as a "meme expert" what is your favourite meme of all time and what do you think makes a good meme?

A: Only ONE person refers to me as a meme expert… I swear I am going to torment him in his dreams for this, and I will haunt anyone who tries to put that on my epitaph. I do like memes, though. Memes are good. Memes keep the world spinning and Hell from invading! Wait, what was the other part of that? Favourite meme? God...I really don't know. Since this is a Moonfall related interview, can I say Bourne? So basically, Kyle Bourne is one of our characters and one of our artists drew Bourne's close up face as he was addressing a room full of people with disdain. So, you have this angry face but the thing that makes it hilarious is the way it was drawn. I don't know if the artist noticed, but the eyes weren't aligned at all and strayed in different directions. That little detail is what makes it for me. It just changes the whole face and I plan to have a community post that sometime in the future which challenges the Moonfall folks to take the image of his face and make the best meme out of it. As to what makes a good meme...honestly, it depends on what you're trying to achieve with the meme. I do like subtlety, though. As long as the meme is short and to the point, I think that should do it.


Q: Finally, the spotlight is officially on you. Tell the public where they can follow you and let them know what you have coming down the pipeline.

A: I mean, Facebook is always a good option. I'm on Facebook more than any of the other sites. I should really make like a public page or something. As for what I have coming up... well, I am an amateur animator and filmmaker and these things have been used ever since Moonfall was known as Nightfall. So, watch out for any animations and films in the future.


Q: Thanks again Tom it has been a pleasure.

A: Mon plaisir, m'dude


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