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Full Name: Jessica Marie Riley

Nationality: English

Age: 18

Hair Color: Blonde 

Eye Color: Ocean Blue

Height: 5ft 10

Weight: 125 pounds

Education: Milton High School, The Cygnet Academy for the performing arts

Occupation: Student


  •  Increased Strength

  • Increased Speed

  • Increased Agility

  • Increased Stamina

  • Increased Durability

  • Winged Flight

  • Empathetic Touch 



Like a phoenix from the ashes, Jessica Riley rises from the darkest point of her life, reborn! Chosen by the goddess Joutsen to serve as her champion, Jessica now battles the forces of evil in Cygnet City as The Swan.

Thinking her worst days are behind her Jessica embraces her new life as a superpowered protector. However for Jessica, her struggles against the darkness have only just begun. for her powers have awakened a long-dormant dark side within her, and the goddess Joutsen might not be who she seems...

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